Trixie Timeline

Trixie Timeline
my attempt to make sense of the tainted timeline

Please note that while the basic chronology of the books themselves are consistent across my universes, non-canonical events – even though occuring within the same timeline as the books – aren’t necessarily the same.  I’ve also chosen to ignore the ages mentioned in the books themselves.  Although I’ve used the ages established by Julie Campbell, I’ve decided that Brian & Jim were juniors when the girls began their eighth grade year, making them seniors during the girls’ freshman year, in accordance with the later Kathryn Kenny books.

And thanks go to Trixie Belden Tid-Bits, which was a major help in compiling this!  

Year One

July Secret of the Mansion Jim turns 15 shortly before arriving in Sleepyside 
July Red Trailer Mystery
August Gatehouse Mystery
October Mysterious Visitor Brian turns 16
November Mystery Off Glen Road
December Mystery in Arizona
February Mysterious Code
February Black Jacket Mystery Dan arrives
April Happy Valley Mystery Jim gives Trixie the bracelet
April/May Marshland Mystery Trixie turns 14

Year Two

June Mystery on Cobbett’s Island Mart turns 15
June Mystery of the Emeralds Di turns 14
June Mystery of Bob-White Cave
June Honey turns 14
June/July Mystery of the Unseen Treasure
July Mystery on the Mississippi
July Mystery of the Missing Heiress
July Mystery of the Uninvited Guest
July Jim turns 16
August Mystery at Saratoga
August Sasquatch Mystery
August Mystery of the Blinking Eye
August Mystery of the Castaway Children
September Mystery of the Phantom Grasshopper
September Mystery at Maypenny’s
October Mystery of the Headless Horseman  
October Mystery of the Ghostly Galleon
October Hudson River Mystery Brian turns 17
November Mystery of the Antique Doll
November Mystery of the Whispering Witch
December Mystery at Mead’s Mountain
January Pet Show Mystery  * See footnote
January Mystery of the Velvet Gown
March Mystery of the Midnight Marauder
April Ben arrives in town
May Mystery Off  Old Telegraph Road Trixie turns 15
May Jim, Brian, and Ben graduate from Sleepyside High

Year Three

May/June Mystery of the Memorial Day Fire
June Indian Burial Ground Mystery Mart turns 16, Di & Honey both turn 15
July Mystery of the Queen’s Necklace Jim turns 17
July Mystery of the Vanishing Victim
August Mystery of the Missing Millionaire
August Mystery of the Galloping Ghost

* Yes, I know that Nick Roberts only became friendly to the Bob-Whites after the events in Off Old Telegraph Road.  However, it’s vitally important to my universes that Off Old Telegraph Road takes place the second spring instead of the first, which I believe is also backed up by the books.  But just as Off Old Telegraph Road cannot occur during year one, neither can The Pet Show Mystery take place during year three, since Brian & Jim are both still at Sleepyside High.  Perhaps some type of rift occurred between Nick and the Bob-Whites later that winter?