This website began on a now-defunct free hosting site called gurlpages way back in 2001. Originally known as the Manor House Stables, it then spent several years as part of the seecruds-n-suspense network before becoming the Perpetual Pen in late 2005.

The universes listed here represent the early years of my writing and are mostly focused on Trixie & Regan. Despite unresolved storylines, they are no longer in progress.

Heartstrings. My original universe.  This contains fifteen stories and was last updated on 1/8/09.

Just Suppose. This is an alternate universe to Heartstrings, in which hidden secrets have long shadows, and the Bob-Whites are scattered. Last updated 5/18/12.

Supernova. Supernova is the most “traditional” of my storylines in that it’s the only one in which Jim & Trixie are together. It’s definitely non-traditional in that Peter & Helen are not. This storyline is also a crossover with the webcomic El Goonish Shive. Last updated 12/26/07.

Et Alia. Stand-alone stories that do not fit into an established universe. Any future standalones will be added to this page, although none are currently planned. Last updated 7/28/08.