Just Suppose

Just Suppose

This universe began as an alternate universe of the Heartstrings timeline, although later stories take it in very different directions. ¬†Please note that the characterizations in these stories are based more upon the Bob-Whites in the later Kathryn Kenny books than upon the first six, and that due to the situations and circumstances involved, this entire universe is rated “Suitable for Teens.”

Book One

Learning to Love
Trixie suddenly finds herself in a situation she is not prepared for. Who will she turn to? What will she do? A “what-if” rewrite of Mrs. Fidget.

When Wishes Were Fishes
Sleepyside is rocked by scandal. What will one Bob-White do when her worst fears seem to be coming true… for someone else?

In the Midst of the Storm
A blizzard hits Maple Lake. Will Trixie and her child make it through the storm?

When She Cries
Holidays, sleepless nights. How is Regan coping with all of the drastic changes in his life?

So Long, and Thanks
With Regan and Trixie in Minnesota, what has been happening in the lives of the other Bob-Whites?

Book Two

Chanson D’Espoire
Madeleine has spent three years at Vassar, and her life is everything that she imagined it should be. ¬†Yet, there’s a shadow that keeps her from the happiness she sought…

Abiding Hope
Madeleine and Bob travel to Minnesota to visit Mart and Diana. Will she be able to make amends with Trixie as well?

Learning to Let Go
While Madeleine and Bob are in Minnesota, Jim feels like his life has fallen apart. After every thing he has been through, he finally seeks counseling.