Moonlight & Roses 
The Past

A Moment Like This
What happens when two people with a tempestous past realize that everything has changed? Suitable for all ages.

Lucy Radcliffe and The Mystery at Magnolia Manor
What is one Bob-White surprised to find when he sits down at his wife’s computer? A submission for Kathy K’s challenge: Write Your Own Lucy Radcliffe Adventure. Suitable for all ages.

For Auld Lang Syne
New Year’s Eve, 1999. On the eve of Y2K, how do Trixie, Honey, and Diana bring in the New Year? A submission for Moon-Spinner’s Operation: HoHoHo. Suitable for all ages.

The Present

Just why are Erica’s parents worried when she makes a new friend? A submission for Eric’s Sarah Sligo Fright Night challenge. Rated for all ages.

The Thing That Should Not Be
Just what is the truth behind the project for which Knut desperately needs Cap’s help? A submission for Eric’s Monster Mash Fright Night challenge. Suitable for Teens.

School has started, and Erica is miserable in her new school. What happens when Jim offers her a place in his school? Suitable for all ages.

True Companion
As a newly-minted detective with the Sleepyside Police Department, Dan is in charge of his first big case. What changes are in store for him both professionally and personally? This story is rated Adult, and was written by Eric.

Thicker Than Water
The Sleepyside Detective Agency’s newest client claims her brother-in-law is trying to murder her sister. Is she overreacting or is her sister truly in danger? Suitable for all ages.

Gold and Pyrite
It’s Valentine’s Day, and Bobby has plans for a romantic evening with his girlfriend. However, those plans change when they both find themselves in danger. Suitable for all ages.

The Shadows of Old Sins
From the time he was a young man, Brom Vanderheidenbeck has dreaded rainy spring nights, because they’ve tended to bring him nasty surprises. This rainy April night is no different, and he knows he won’t make it through alive. This story is rated Adult for graphic violence and adult themes.

A Broken Hallelujah
When Bull returns to Sleepyside seeking revenge for Isaac’s death, Snipe realizes that he must choose between protecting the woman who saved his life or protecting his nephew. Rated Adult for violence and adult themes.

Pomp and Circumstance
The Sleepyside Junior-Senior High class of 2003 is rapidly approaching graduation. However, as Bobby prepares for this milestone, he discovers that circumstances aren’t always as they seem. Suitable for all ages.

Mystery at the Manning Motel
When she is called to investigate mysterious happenings at an abandoned motel in Poughkeepsie, Wilhelmina James asks the Sleepyside Detective Agency for assistance. Is the motel truly haunted, and if so, why is the spirit unable to rest? Suitable for all ages.

Graffiti on a controversial strip mall under construction in Sleepyside warns that “They” are coming. Who is behind the vandalism, and should the warning be taken seriously? Rated adult for adult themes and language.

On August 14, 2003, a massive power outage blanketed most of the Northeast. Trixie, Honey, and Di discuss their fears and frustrations, while Erica finds misadventure with her cousins. Meanwhile, Knut finds himself stuck in the City…. Suitable for all ages.

Ferris Lake
After a weekend at his brother’s new lake home goes awry, Dr. Ferris asks Brian and Honey to investigate. Rated Pre-Teen for dark imagery and supernatural themes.

Never a Dull Moment
Preparation for the annual Thanksgiving open house at Crabapple Farm is under way, and Trixie helps out while waiting for the baby to be born. However, even on maternity leave, she finds a mystery…

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Honey is reminded of old cases as she works a case for Wilhelmina. Safe for all ages.

The Case of the Persistent Caller
Near the end of her maternity leave, Trixie is asked to help track down an anonymous caller. Safe for all ages.

Wilhelmina is hired to solve a disappearance in a small town in the Appalachian Mountains. Rated Pre-Teen for references to dark imagery, religious and supernatural themes.

New!!! What’s Out There?
Trixie and Chloe are home alone on a rainy night, but something lurks outside in the dark. Written by Eric and rated preteen.

New!!! Dan’s Own Green World
After being pressured into a blind date he didn’t want, Dan realizes he must decide whether to pursue a relationship he does want. Rated Teen for mature themes.