Welcome to my Trixie Belden FanFiction page! Here you will find stories I’ve written over the years in homage to Trixie Belden & the Bob-Whites of the Glen. Under the Extras menu, you will also find a timeline of the thirty-nine books in the series.

With this newest redesign, my site layout has changed. If you’re looking for my Trixie/Regan stories (aka Heartstrings & Just Suppose), they can now be found under the Archive Menu, along with a smattering of other stories that are either standalone or extremely unlikely to be continued.

Under the Stories menu, you will find my current and in-progress universe: Moonlight & Roses. While it features a few stories from the “past”, this universe primarily focuses on the Bob-Whites as adults who have established relationships and careers. Trixie and Honey own their own detective agency, and Trixie’s married name just may be Molinson…